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Katie Porter for Congress

Ending Political Corruption

Standing Up to Powerful Special Interests on Behalf of Orange County Families 100% of the Time

Our political system is broken. Trust in on government and institutions is at a record low. Congress, rather than serve all people, works to help those who can write the biggest checks. When Congress serves the rich over those in need, the well-connected over the disadvantaged, and special interests over people -- families in Orange County lose.

When Mimi Walters votes to help her corporate donors by giving them a massive tax cut, while raising taxes on middle class families, and even proposing to pay for it with cuts to Medicare, we in Orange County lose.

When Mimi Walters refuses to stand up to the Pharmaceutical companies who fund her campaign, while families face skyrocketing costs, we in Orange County lose.  

When Mimi Walters votes to water down consumer protections and the Dodd Frank financial reform legislation, we in Orange County lose.

Our government isn’t working for families in Orange County and the rigged political system has reached a crisis point. In Congress, Mimi Walters is not just doing nothing about this problem, she’s actually making things worse. We need a new representative for our community who is committed to fighting for bold, new, reforms that will ensure our government is of, for, and by the people.

My plan to End Corruption in Washington has three areas of focus:

1) Get Big Money and Special Interest Money Out of Politics

2) Limit Outside Spending and Implement Full Disclosure

3) Make Congress and Representatives available and accessible to people.

●  Get Big Money and Special Interest Money Out of Politics: “We must limit the influence of Big Donors, and quash the political influence, real or perceived, special interests have in our government and providing incentives for donors to make small contributions to federal candidates.”

  • Lobbyists and special interest groups seeking to influence and access members of Congress should not be permitted to use money to do it. This transaction creates the potential for both real and perceived corruption. I'll champion legislation that limits members of Congress from accepting contributions from lobbyists, PACs, and special interests groups.
  • Political campaigns should be funded by people, on the grassroots level, who get involved in the political process because they want to elect candidates who share their values, not because they want to buy access and influence. In Congress, I’ll support the Government by the People Act, legislation that will help create an electoral system that’s of, for, and by the people.
  • But talk can be cheap, so to prove my commitment to this principle, I’ve pledged not to accept contributions from corporate PACs, Big Oil, Big Banks, Big Pharma, and other special interests who have used their bottomless resources to stack the deck against the American people. I’m running a grassroots campaign that relies on support from people right here in California. Over half of the money that our campaign has raised is from people in California with an average contribution of just $14.

  Limits on Outside Spending and Full Disclosure: We need limits on the amount of money corporations and outside groups can spend on elections and we need to require genuine accountability through disclosure and ensuring foreign money has no way of influencing our elections. 

  • The 2010, the Citizens United decision opened the door for unlimited and undisclosed money to flood our elections. It allowed special interests and corporations to have even more control and influence over our political system at the expense of the American people. I’m committed to this fight and support a constitutional amendment to overturn the disastrous decision.
  • Right here in Orange County, the Congressional Leadership Fund, Paul Ryan’s Super PAC, has run nearly $2 million of ads attacking me. This GOP group is largely funded in secret and so voters across our district will not know who’s really behind these attack ads. Voters have a right to know which special interests groups are spending millions to influence their vote and trying to keep Mimi Walters in Congress.
  • The lack of disclosure and transparency under our current campaign finance laws has created a system that prevents voters from knowing who is spending money to influence their vote, and has even created loopholes for Russia and other foreign adversaries to secretly spend money in our elections. I’ll support the DISCLOSE Act, legislation that will ensure any group spending more than $10,000 to influence an election is disclosed to voters.

●  Make Congress available and accessible to all people: “To restore faith and trust in Congress, we need to close the revolving door between government and for profit lobbying, implement new transparency measures, and expand enforcement of those who violate ethics rules.” 

  • Constituents deserve to know who their representative in Congress is meeting with. Whether it’s lobbyists or interest groups constituents deserve to know who is getting the time of their representative. I will also fight for more transparency in government and pledge to disclose all official meetings with lobbyists and interest groups.
  • Constituents should always have an open line of communication to their congressperson, so that’s why I pledge to host regular town halls, just like this one, to give updates about my work for you in Washington and receive steady feedback.
  • Members of Congress should not be able to profit from votes and decisions they make as elected officials. I’ll support legislation to prohibit representatives from personally holding or trading stock.
  • Foreign governments should conduct their advocacy with the US Government through diplomatic channels, not by hiring American lobbyists to influence and gain access to members of Congress. I’ll support legislation to ban American lobbyists from accepting money from foreign governments.
  • We need to restore voters faith in the people they send to Congress to represent them. Constituents must know that their representatives aren’t using their post in Congress to benefit themselves and secure a job after Congress. I’ll support banning individuals who served as a political appointee, or in Congress, from lobbying for 5 years after they have left the administration or Congress.

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