Katie Porter for Congress

Katie voted for the Inflation Reduction Act because she puts Orange County families first. This law is going to save Californians money on health care premiums, prescription drugs, and utilities. It will further help reduce inflation by making a historic payment towards our country’s deficit. Katie will keep fighting to address high prices, take on big corporations that price gouge families, and build a strong, stable, globally competitive economy that works for working people.

Addressing Inflation

Katie has gone after the big corporations that are price gouging families while making record profits. Her bill to crack down on fossil fuel companies that price gouge consumers passed the House. She is also working to address the root causes of inflation, such as supply chain disruptions and market monopolies.

A More Fair Tax System

Katie has introduced the Supporting Americans with Lower Taxes (SALT) Act to lower taxes for Californians making less than $400,000 per year.

Our country needs tax reform so big corporations and ultra-wealthy tax cheats pay their fair shares, just like the rest of us do. In 2020, over 10% of the nation’s largest corporations paid $0 in federal income tax. Katie supports giving the IRS the resources it needs to improve customer service for families and to go after tax cheats. Katie voted for the Inflation Reduction Act to make sure that corporations earning more than $1 billion a year have to pay at least a 15% tax. 

Cracking down on this type of tax evasion will help our country get our fiscal priorities straight and allow us to have a strong, stable, globally competitive economy.

A Capitalist Economy

Katie believes in capitalism – and knows that, at its best, a strong capitalist economy is built on competition. Without it, prices go up and wages go down. In Congress she is leading the efforts to crack down on anticompetitive behavior that drives up prices for consumers – whether that anticompetitive behavior comes from Big Tech, airlines, or major poultry companies.

Katie's main priority in Congress is lowering the costs people face everyday – at the gas pump, in the grocery store, at the pharmacy, and for things like childcare and college -- so that Americans can keep and save more of their hard-earned money and strengthen the economy for everyone.



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