Katie Porter for Congress


The high price of health care means many California families are an accident or illness away from serious financial pain, or even bankruptcy. 

In Congress, Katie led the successful bipartisan effort to make it easier for families with medical expenses to save on their taxes and pay their medical bills. She also introduced legislation to prevent the big pharmaceutical companies from price gouging patients and taxpayers, and is leading efforts to lower the Medicare eligibility age to 60. 

In the first month of the pandemic, her questioning of a Trump Administration official during a congressional hearing resulted in a guarantee that Americans wouldn’t have to pay for COVID tests. This was a huge win for battling COVID and reopening our economy safely.

Because mental health care is healthcare, Katie successfully passed a bill into law strengthening enforcement of requirements that  insurance companies cover mental health services, and has introduced legislation to support students’ mental health. She’ll continue to advocate for a healthcare system that gives every American better coverage, lower costs, and the best health outcomes.

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