Katie Porter for Congress

Katie Porter is a UC Irvine law professor, middle-class mother, and consumer advocate who has spent decades taking on the big banks that hurt middle-class families – and winning. Senators Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren have endorsed Katie because they know she'll hold Donald Trump and powerful special interests accountable, fight for Medicare for All, and always protect a woman’s right to choose.

Where Mimi Walters has fallen short, Katie Porter can lead:

Updated May 22, 2018.  Check back frequently for updates….

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  • Katie Porter vs Mimi Walters

    In Congress, I will always protect a woman's right to choose and fight any efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.  

  • Minivan

    I’ve spent the last decade fighting big banks that take advantage of middle-class families. If you send me to Congress, I’ll hold Donald Trump and big corporations accountable to Orange County families.

  • Two Senators

    Check out our first ad of the primary featuring Sen. Kamala Harris and Sen. Elizabeth Warren on why Katie Porter is the best person to represent CA-45.

  • Kamala Harris introducing Katie Porter

  • Elizabeth Warren on why she supports Katie Porter

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