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Katie Porter Launches Three New Television Ads



October 1, 2018

Contact: Luis Vizcaino - Luis.Vizcaino@katieporter.com

Porter Makes Sharp Contrast with Trump Supporter Mimi Walters

Irvine – Katie Porter today launched three new 30-second television ads with one of the ads to air on broadcast television.  Two of the ads entitled: “Turned Her Back” and “Homeowners” will run in the 45th Congressional District. The third 30-second ad entitled: “99 Percent Trump” will air on broadcast.

“As voters pay more attention to the election, our campaign is making sure voters know that Katie Porter will side 100 percent with Orange County – unlike Mimi Walters who stands with Donald Trump 99 percent of the time,” said Katie Porter’s Campaign Manager Erica Kwiatkowski. “Mimi Walters cannot hide from her record of increasing taxes for middle class Californians, calling for oil drilling off Orange County coasts, and taking away healthcare from Orange County families including those with preexisting conditions.”

Below are links and scripts to the three new ads that will begin airing today:

99 Percent Trump:

Voice Over:

How much do Mimi Walters and Donald Trump have in common?

Trump and Walters stand together 99 percent of the time.

That’s right, 99 percent.

Walters and Trump supported defunding Planned Parenthood

Gutting protections for preexisting conditions

And allowing oil drilling of Orange County’s coast

And the Walters / Trump tax plan adds trillions to the debt, threatens Medicare and raises taxes on Californians

Mimi Walters and Donald Trump, wrong for Orange County

Katie Porter:

I’m Katie Porter and I approve this message

Turned Her Back:

Voice Over:

Washington politician Mimi Walters sold us out

Walters voted for Donald Trump’s tax giveaway to big corporations

Adding 1.9 trillion dollars to the debt

And threatening deep cuts to Medicare and Social Security

And Walters increased taxes on Orange County families to pay for it

And Katie Porter?

Katie Porter will fight to reverse Trump’s middle class tax hike

And make corporations and special interests pay their fair share

Katie Porter:

I’m Katie Porter and I approve this message


Mary (Orange County Homeowner):

You know what, thousands of families are still in their homes today because Katie Porter stood up to the Wall Street banks who cheated them

Voice Over:

That’s Katie Porter

Katie fought for Orange County homeowners

And she’ll fight for Orange County taxpayers

Reverse Donald Trump’s tax increase on middle class Californians

And fight so corporations and special interests pay their share

Katie Porter:

I’m Katie Porter and I approve this message because if you’re coming after Orange County taxpayers, you’re going to have to come through me.


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