Katie Porter for Congress

Porter Claims Lead in CD-45 Poll


A new poll of likely primary voters shows that Katie Porter’s profile and message not only make her the best-positioned Democrat to emerge from the CA-45 jungle primary, but also the one most likely to defeat Mimi Walters in the general election. In a largely unknown field of Democratic challengers, Porter starts out ahead of the other Democrats. More important, the poll reveals Porter’s profile to be especially resonant in this competitive Clinton-won district, driving her to a large advantage over the other Democrats in a simulated race and demonstrating her ability to not only consolidate Democratic support but appeal to NPP voters and moderate Republicans as well.


  • Porter starts the race leading all Democrats. In a four-way ballot test (Porter, Min, Forde, Walters), Porter leads all Democrats with 12% of the vote, trailing only incumbent Republican Mimi Walters (45%). Min and Forde trail Porter with 8% and 3% of the vote, respectively. An additional 28% of likely primary voters remain undecided, driven by non-Republicans who are waiting to learn more about the Democratic candidates.
  • Porter’s profile is the most resonant with primary voters, driving her to a strong lead over fellow Democrats. After voters hear balanced, positive profiles of four of the leading candidates (Walters, Porter, Min, and Forde), using actual language from their websites and stump speeches, Porter surges to 29% and moves well ahead of the other Democrats (44% Walters/29% Porter/7% Min/6% Forde). The remaining candidates’ vote shares remain essentially unchanged, as shown in table below, making Porter’s dramatic growth even starker.

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