Time and again, Congresswoman Walters has sided with Trump and Washington special interests at our expense.


As a consumer advocate, I know what it means to fight. I’ve spent nearly twenty years taking on Wall Street banks and powerful financial institutions who cheat middle-class families. Now, I’m running for Congress to take on Donald Trump and the powerful special interests in Washington on behalf of Orange County families.

Much of my work as a consumer advocate has centered around the housing crisis that rocked Orange County and many other parts of the country. Before the crisis, I was one of the first to sound the alarm about how the biggest Wall Street banks were preying on homeowners. And when the crisis hit, I was appointed by Attorney General Kamala Harris to work directly with California families who were cheated by the five biggest Wall Street banks.

The five banks had promised to help homeowners who had been harmed, and it was my job to hold the banks’ feet to the fire. My team won thousands of victories against the banks, forcing them to pay billions to families. And our work helped tens of thousands of families move forward with their lives.

But for so many families across the country, the harm had already been done. Politicians in Washington bailed out the banks in a matter of days, but middle-class families waited years for help from Washington — help that never came.

Eight years after the crash, Orange County families still find themselves stuck. Profits again are surging for financial institutions and Wall Street, but middle-class wages are stagnant. And the cost of things that matter most for families — affording preschool, sending your kid to college, saving for retirement — are skyrocketing, while the high cost of housing in Orange County is pushing families to the brink.

California families have a deep desire to move up the economic ladder and provide financial security for their loved ones. But too often, families who play by the rules still find themselves at the mercy of a system that favors powerful special interests who can buy influence in Washington.

Now, Donald Trump and Congresswoman Mimi Walters are making that reality worse. Time and again, Walters has sided with Trump and Washington special interests at our families’ expense.

Congresswoman Walters voted for and enthusiastically supported Donald Trump’s health care plan that would have eliminated health coverage for 24 million Americans. She repeatedly voted with Wall Street banks to repeal key consumer protections, and she sided with Trump and Big Oil companies to roll back clean air rules and environmental standards. In fact, Walters has voted with Trump 100% of the time.

We need leaders in Congress who will stand up to Donald Trump. I’m running to continue the work I’ve always done – to take on the powerful special interests on behalf of our families. I hope you will join me!