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Katie Porter Releases First Television Ad of 2024 U.S. Senate Race, “Shake Up the Senate”

Ad Highlights Katie’s Record Cleaning Up Washington and Taking On Powerful Special Interests & Lobbyists

IRVINE – Today, Congresswoman Katie Porter (D-CA), candidate for the U.S. Senate in California, released the first television advertisement of the 2024 U.S. Senate race. Titled “Shake Up the Senate,” the ad highlights Katie’s fight to clean up Washington and take on powerful special interests and lobbyists. The ad begins airing in the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose media market before expanding statewide. 


Ad Transcript:

“Not just any whiteboard…Katie Porter’s whiteboard is one way she’s…
‘Often seen grilling top executives of banks, Big Pharma, even top administration officials’ [CNN’s Kaitlan Collins in a clip].
Katie Porter. Never taken corporate PAC money – never will.
Leading the fight to ban congressional stock trading.
And the only Democrat who opposed wasteful ‘earmarks’ that fund politicians’ pet projects.
Katie Porter. Focused on your challenges – from lowering housing costs to fighting climate change.
Shake up the Senate – with Democrat Katie Porter.
 I’m Katie Porter, and I approve this message.”

Earlier this week, Katie released her sweeping anti-corruption plan, also titled “Shake Up the Senate.” She calls for eliminating corporate PAC donations, banning lobbyists from contributing to political candidates, and ending wasteful pet project funding by politicians, known as earmarks. Katie is the only candidate in the race who’s never taken corporate PAC contributions and the only candidate who refuses federal lobbyists’ contributions. She was the only Democrat in the House to oppose the return of earmarks, which invite corruption. You can read the plan here.