Giant corporations and special interests have too much power in our economy. They have too much power in Washington, too. Before being elected to Congress, I spent over a decade as a consumer protection advocate – fighting against corporations that made huge profits by cheating families and their workers. I saw firsthand how politicians rigged the rules in favor of those with wealth and power – at the expense of working families and taxpayers. I ran for Congress to rewrite those rules, to take on corporations, special interests, and government bureaucrats. I’ve done exactly that, and I’ve delivered for everyday people, from getting the government to make COVID testing free to closing loopholes that insurance companies used to deny mental health care.

I’m proud to be the only candidate in this race who has never taken corporate PAC money, refuses federal lobbyist money, and hasn’t funded their campaign with donations from Big Oil, Big Pharma, or Big Banks. Because what happens when politicians get too cozy with lobbyists and powerful corporations? Corruption. We don’t need another career politician who will protect the status quo. Californians deserve a leader who will shake up the Senate and get Washington working for all of us, delivering an economy that lifts up families and a society that protects the rights of all. Here’s how.

Key Issues

  1. Clean Up Corruption
  2. Empower Workers
  3. Housing & Homelessness
  4. Immigration
  5. Unrig the Economy
  6. Combat the Climate Crisis
  7. Health Care
  8. Education
  9. Veterans
  10. Child Care
  11. Older Americans
  12. Racial Justice & Freedom for All
  13. Public Safety & Gun Violence
  14. Disability Rights
  15. Abortion Access
  16. LGBTQIA+ Rights
  17. Global Leadership