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Katie Porter Releases Television Ad “Overflowing”

CONTACT: Lindsay Reilly

Ad highlights Porter’s endorsement by the San Francisco Chronicle, which called Porter “easily the most impressive candidate”

IRVINE—Congresswoman and U.S. Senate candidate Katie Porter (D-CA) today released a new television ad, “Overflowing.” The spot highlights a recent endorsement from the San Francisco Chronicle, which called Porter “easily the most impressive candidate,” based on her deep policy knowledge, grilling of corporate executives, bipartisan-friendly housing plan, and dedication to ending corruption in Washington. The ad will begin airing in the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose media market.


Ad Transcript:

“Overflowing with ideas and energy.”
That’s the San Francisco Chronicle endorsing Democrat Katie Porter for Senate over all other options. 
“Porter is easily the most impressive candidate.” 
“Known for her grilling of corporate executives.”
“With deep policy knowledge.” 
“Katie Porter’s housing plan has bipartisan-friendly ideas to bring home building costs down.” 
And the Chronicle praises her ideas to end soft corruption in politics. 
Let’s shake up the Senate with Democrat Katie Porter. 
I’m Katie Porter and I approve this message.

Katie Porter is running for the U.S. Senate to shake up the status quo in Washington and unrig the rules bought and paid for by corporate special interests. The only candidate in the race to reject federal lobbyist money and swear off corporate PAC checks since Day 1 of running for office, Porter is the warrior Californians can trust to speak truth to power and hold greedy corporations, special interests, and government bureaucrats – of both parties – accountable.