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Ad highlights Porter’s record as a warrior against corporate greed and how greedy billionaires are spending millions on false attack ads out of fear she’ll hold them accountable in the Senate

IRVINE—Congresswoman and U.S. Senate candidate Katie Porter (D-CA) today released a new television ad, “Warrior.” The spot highlights Porter’s track record as a warrior against corporate greed, including her relentless grilling of greedy chief executives, and reminds Californians that billionaires are spending millions of dollars on deceitful ads to attack her out of fear she’ll hold them accountable in the Senate. The ad will begin airing in the Los Angeles, Sacramento/Stockton/Modesto, and San Diego media markets.

Watch the ad HERE.

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Here is a transcript of the ad:

These deceitful ads lying about Democrat Katie Porter? 

“False” say independent fact checkers.

Californians hate being lied too, especially by a few billionaires spending millions attacking Porter. 

They’re afraid because Katie Porter is unrelenting in grilling chief executives.

A champion for good government, Katie Porter will shake up the Senate to lower housing costs and crack down on corporate greed. 

Democrat Katie Porter, a warrior for you. 

I’m Katie Porter and I approve this message.

Katie Porter is running for the U.S. Senate to shake up the status quo in Washington and unrig the rules bought and paid for by corporate special interests. The only candidate in the race to reject federal lobbyist money and swear off corporate PAC checks since Day 1 of running for office, Porter is the warrior Californians can trust to speak truth to power and hold greedy corporations, special interests, and government bureaucrats – of both parties – accountable.