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Katie Porter’s Senate Bid Endorsed by the Consumer Federation of California

“Porter is a strong national consumer leader who puts protecting consumers first, ahead of corporate profit”

CALIFORNIA—U.S. Senate candidate and lifelong consumer advocate Katie Porter (D-CA) has been endorsed by the Consumer Federation of California, a leading consumer advocacy organization that’s fighting so that consumer rights come before corporate profit. The Consumer Federation of California joins a chorus of Democrats, good government advocates, and progressive groups endorsing Porter’s bid for Senate.

“I’m not a career politician. Before my first election five years ago, I worked as a consumer protection advocate holding greedy corporations accountable for cheating Californians,” said Porter, a consumer protection attorney who was on the front lines of the foreclosure crisis. “I’ve seen firsthand how corporate PAC money buys outcomes in Washington. As the only elected official in this race who’s never taken corporate PAC and refuses lobbyist money, I’m fighting to shake up this status quo and stand up to the corporate special interests that dominate DC. I’m proud to have the Consumer Federation of California by my side.”

“After seeking interviews with all three major Democratic candidates the Consumer Federation of California has endorsed Congresswoman Katie Porter for the U.S. Senate,” said Robert Herrell, Executive Director of the Consumer Federation of California. “Katie Porter is a strong national consumer leader who puts protecting consumers first, ahead of corporate profit. She would be a fantastic member of the United States Senate and serve all Californians and consumers exceptionally well.”

Before her election in 2018, Porter taught consumer law at the University of California, Irvine. She was appointed by then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris to hold Wall Street banks accountable to the national mortgage settlement agreed to during the foreclosure crisis. She helped Californians stay in their homes, fighting for their rights and advocating on their behalf. In 2009, Porter testified before Congress on abusive credit card fees, which helped lead to the passage of new legislation to protect consumers. Now in Congress, Porter is leading efforts to hold greedy corporations accountable and get corporate money out of politics.

Rep. Katie Porter is running for the U.S. Senate to shake up the status quo in Washington and unrig the rules bought and paid for by corporate special interests. The only candidate in the race to reject federal lobbyist money and swear off corporate PAC checks since Day 1 of running for office, Porter is the warrior Californians can trust to speak truth to power and hold greedy corporations, special interests, and government bureaucrats – of both parties – accountable.