Invest in Child Care

The United States has a long history of underdelivering for families, which hurts our economy. Our global competitors invest in policies that support families, like affordable child care and universal paid leave, because of proven economic benefits. It’s long past time for the U.S. to invest in making our economy more robust, stable, and globally competitive by prioritizing smart investments in family-friendly policies. That’s why I’m a champion for capping child care costs at 7% of income and guaranteeing paid leave to all American workers. I also believe strongly that we must raise wages for child care providers, pressing Washington to give them the pay and benefits they deserve.

Key Issues

  1. Clean Up Corruption
  2. Empower Workers
  3. Housing & Homelessness
  4. Immigration
  5. Unrig the Economy
  6. Combat the Climate Crisis
  7. Health Care
  8. Education
  9. Veterans
  10. Child Care
  11. Older Americans
  12. Racial Justice & Freedom for All
  13. Public Safety & Gun Violence
  14. Disability Rights
  15. Abortion Access
  16. LGBTQIA+ Rights
  17. Global Leadership