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    I will fight to overturn Trump's tax plan which raised taxes on middle-class families, slashed funding for Medicare and increased our nation’s debt.  I believe that what Americans need is tax reform that makes wealthy corporations pay their fair share and cuts taxes for the middle-class and small businesses.

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    Healthcare is a human right.  That is why I will fight for a Medicare for All system and will stand up to the Trump and Mimi Walters' effort to gut protections for pre-existing conditions.  No American should ever go bankrupt due to healthcare costs.

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    End Citizens United

    The American people deserve representatives who will fight against the special interest money flooding into our nation’s capital. That’s why I will never take a dime from corporate PACs. We need a Congress that will create policies that benefit the people they represent, not the corporations who cut them the biggest checks. Read more about my Ending Political Corruption plan.

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    Women's Health

    I will fight any efforts by Republicans to defund Planned Parenthood, restrict access to birth control, or ban the right to choose. Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick represents a huge threat to women’s rights.  Providing women with access to reproductive healthcare and birth control is not a luxury.

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    Our community values the environment and deserves a champion for our air, water, and beaches, not another vote for big oil. We must preserve this planet for our kids and the generations to come.

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    Common Sense Gun Reform

    I will never accept a dime from the gun lobby and I will work to pass commonsense laws to keep our schools and communities safe. I support a ban on assault weapons, mandatory background checks on all gun sales, and a healthcare system that provides comprehensive mental health treatment. 

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      I believe that quality public education is the bedrock of the American dream. I support investment in public education, expanding early childhood education and making college more affordable so that every student who works hard can graduate from California's great public colleges and universities debt-free.

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    LGBTQ Rights

    Equality under the law must apply to all of us, not just some of us. I will be at the forefront of the fight to end discrimination in schools and the workplace.  No person should be turned away from healthcare, housing or other services due to prejudice.

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    Paid Family Leave

    I understand the numerous challenges facing American households.  Being able to take time off to care for your loved ones should not be one of those challenges.  I will fight for the over 40 million people who currently provide unpaid care every year and help get them the support they need.

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    Our veterans make immense sacrifices to serve this country.  That is why in Congress I will work to honor their service by ensuring they have access to great paying jobs, access to housing, and top-notch healthcare.

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    I believe that we need comprehensive immigration reform that will provide a fair pathway to citizenship for those who are undocumented.

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    I have spent my entire career helping families stay in their homes by combating fraudulent lending practices.  I am a strong advocate for using our tax code to encourage home ownership, and I support investments in programs that help first-time home buyers.

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      Seniors are an important part of our community -- and everybody should have the ability to retire with dignity. I will always protect Social Security and fight to expand benefits. I will also do everything I can to lower prescription drug costs, including giving Medicare and Medicaid to ability to negotiate lower prices on behalf of our seniors.

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